Oil and gas companies looking for reserves in our oceans use a technique of firing soundwaves through the water and deep into the ocean floor.  As the survey ship transects part of the ocean, the soundwaves are fired every 20-30m.  This has been found to have serious effects on marine mammals, fish, shellfish and plankton.  The effects extend out to a 1.2km range from the vessels and studies by IMAS have shown that this significantly increases mortality of scallops and zooplankton.  The health of those creatures that survive the effects of the testing is compromised as their tolerance to stressors is reduced.
The waters surrounding Tasmania are in the sights of oil and gas companies, and it is important that their movements are monitored.  Tasmania has a significant number of whales that migrate north and south, as well as other marine mammals that inhabit our waters.  The scallop industry will also be impacted by seismic testing, and of course plankton is the key to life in all oceans.  We cannot allow the harm to and destruction of these creatures when there are renewable sources of power available as alternatives to oil and gas.

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